Interactive Comet Assay Analysis

The MetaSystems CometImager Software has been designed for fast and reliable interactive analysis of the comet assay. Complemented with high quality hardware it allows comfortable and effective handling in routine work. All relevant parameters are computed automatically and can be exported in suitable data formats for statistical analysis using standard software packages.

  • User interface optimized for fast routine work
    Images can be captured and analyzed solely by using the mouse. The software design is optimized for routine work, allowing a very efficient and time saving workflow.
  • Automatic image capture control and comet analysis
    Integration time is automatically controlled by the CometImager software during the process of image acquisition. After capturing an image, automated analysis of all relevant parameters is carried out after just one click with the mouse.
  • Comprehensive data presentation
    Results are summarized in a convenient data list, providing an overview of all data per experiment, or of selected data sets. Statistical results are automatically computed for all relevant data in the list.
  • Sophisticated tools for comet analysis
    Different background correction modes allow flexible adjustment of the system to the requirements of the specimen. Multiple image exposures allow to increase the dynamic range of the image, thus, providing the possibility to precisely analyze even subtle comet tail structures.

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